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Your wedding ceremony is as unique as your relationship. It may be original, traditional, or somewhere in between. You may wish to write your marriage vows or you may find a wedding wording that you would like to incorporate, or you may wish to use one of the sample ceremonies below. Often the sample ceremonies become a start in creating your own. Always feel free to edit and be creative. As your wedding officiant, I believe that your ceremony should be your way, making it much more personal and meaningful to you.

My Sample Wedding Ceremonies Include:

Ceremony Details

Reflect the spirit and personality of your family in a fun and beautiful way with our sand ceremony. After the vows are shared, each person in the family selects their own color of sand to pour into a glass container with a sealable lid. Additionally, the Dr. Seuss ceremony is whimsical yet meaningful with a rhythm that children of all ages relate to. It is able to be used in part or in its entirety, and you are able to personalize the vows to you and your family.

yes!More Ceremonies

Wedding Box Ceremony. A box, a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a love letter each are needed. The letters are written and sealed, unread by the other, in envelopes. After your vows are exchanged, the letters are placed in the box with the wine and the glasses. And the box is sealed. On your first anniversary you open the box, pour the wine and read your love letters. The letters and the glasses are put back into the box, along with a new bottle of wine. It is opened again on your 5th anniversary, and again very 5 years.
Handfasting. The hands of the couples are tied (loosely) by a cord, ribbon, tartan, symbolizing their lives are now bound together. This is an ancient Celtic ceremony. And from this ceremony come our modern day terms such as “tying the knot”, “hand in marriage”, “bonds of matrimony”>
Another fun idea is for each guest to have a small container of bubbles. At the close of the ceremony, we ask for all the guests to open their bubbles and blow their bubbles sending their wishes for the happy couple as they exit.

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